Even as a kid, creativity felt boundless when I worked with my hands.

I could draw, transform a lump of clay, or carve something neat from a tree branch. Yet, it was my hand-lettering ability that quickly brought in my first commissions —  every boy in the neighborhood asked me to sear their name into their baseball mitt with my woodburning pen.



From that point on, I never looked back. My first career job had me hand-setting headline type for an advertising agency on an unwieldy darkroom machine called a phototypositor. Then came years of marker comps and headline specs — and finally, the game-changing Mac. Through the decades, I reached the upper ranks of my profession, designed for clients with seemingly limitless budgets and enjoyed total creative freedom as a creative director.

Enter my love for old signs. Generations ago, sign writers were a busy, sought-after bunch, but the heyday of their hand-lettered art was no match for the rising tide of digital sign-making technology. Nutmegger Workshop was created to celebrate the alluring charm of this long-forgotten art form. It is our mission to offer the finest period reproductions and original designs — handcrafted works of typographic art that add unique personality to any well-designed space.