Please email us to inquire about any work featured here, or to begin a conversation about a custom order for your home or business.


Commission work
and design process

We realize our stock offerings may not be for everybody — what a sign says can make all the difference. We welcome custom work within our vintage tradition. All concepts and designs can be discussed and approved through emails and attachments. Just send us an email to start the conversation. Once we have an idea of what you’re after, we can work up a price for your sign art.


Shop schedule

Please allow 6-8 weeks for completion of your custom order, though these times may vary due to shop scheduling.

Payment terms

We wish to keep business simple. For custom orders, we require a 50-percent deposit to get started, with the balance due before shipping. Payment for stock offerings is due in full before shipping.



Five-day ground packing and shipping fees are separate from our sign costs and are paid for by our clients directly to our shipping agent. Once paid, your sign ships.