We really appreciate our customers and, apparently, they appreciate us.


“What fantastic work you do —
I couldn’t be happier with my Santo Spirito sign. I absolutely LOVE it! Many thanks for agreeing to craft this magnificient artwork for me!”

— Clark Sykes, Buffalo, NY


“The vintage sign that you recreated for my great-grandfather’s business honors his memory in a way that mere words cannot. The sign is evocative of the time in which my immigrant ancestor lived and worked, while enshrining his memory in a tangible way. This sign is sure to become a treasured heirloom.”

— Matt Gross, Mass.


“Our Nutmegger sign is much more than a reproduction. It’s as if Pete combed through 150 years of history to unearth our new family heirloom. Pete’s skilled effort produced an enduring and venerable work of art that will proudly be passed along from generation to generation.”

— Steve Heller, Portland, Ore.

“Your sign is a welcome presence in our studio. It reminds us to approach every new project with the same careful craftsmanship and attention to detail that was used to clearly convey a message in the beginning of the last century. We can’t thank you enough. We love it!”

— Primer Brand Development, Philadelphia, Pa.

“I was going to put our sign in my home office but decided the family room would be better so we could enjoy it daily and show it off.  It really looks like a found object — truly amazing.”

— Chris Clayton, Brooklyn, N.Y.


“As soon as I saw Pete’s website, I knew I had to have a piece of his sign art for our renovated home. The design and painstaking attention to detail surpassed my vision and always invokes compliments and ‘how did he do that?’ remarks when we have company.  This will be a family treasure for generations to come.”

— Deb Ellingwood, Westerly, Rhode Island


“I just wanted to tell you that I absolutely LOVE reading your website. Yes, you should have been a writer. Your writing is precise and flawless. What you choose to include in your descriptions is so much over and above what is typically out there and adds so much to your works of art. What a rare and wonderful treat.”

– Sally G., St. Paul, Minn.


“Peter created three magnificent signs for a client’s antique entertainment barn. For each sign, he provided several unique design options, each complementing our color scheme. He created an antique distressed finish which is indistinguishable from an original 19th-century surface. Working with Peter was a real joy, and we look forward to incorporating his work in many future projects.”

— Charles Haver, AIA, Haver & Skolnick Architects

“Pete has been easy and delightful to work with. His creativity and design process are amazing to watch unfold. He took our background information, researched the eras of our signs, and designed unique, authentic pieces that exceeded our expectations.”

— Dan Phillips, Aloha, Ore.

“Pete let me know that he was a typographer and if I ever needed some old-looking, handmade signs made to keep him in mind. Well, be careful what you wish for! I designed the interiors for 16 condos for Grand Lodges at Lake Collins Resort and engaged Pete to make 78 signs for the units. He did an outstanding job and gave some old-world charm to the project.”

— Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Designs, Inc., Portland, Ore.


“Pete provided all custom sign art for our residences in our unique mountain location. His rustic designs bring out the character of life on Mount Hood. But what I truly love about his artwork is the feeling I get when our guests walk through the door and stop in their tracks for minutes just to take the pieces in. Thanks Pete!”

— Levi Strayer, Grand Lodges, Mount Hood, Ore.

“The signs illustrated on the Nutmegger Workshop website were EXACTLY what we were looking for. Our sign is certainly a center of conversation when our guests arrive. We loved how the sign looks so much, we bought a second sign!”

— Bruce and Eileen McKinney, Tigard, Ore.


“I knew that my father would not only be proud to have his name and occupation displayed on a custom sign, but also thrilled that a sign had been designed and fabricated expressly for him. And he was moved beyond words. 

— Elizabeth Paulsen King, Gorham, Maine

“We have had Nutmegger Workshop complete two commissioned pieces and have found Pete to be a very innovative, talented and creative artist with a unique sense of color, design and ability to create truly enjoyable pieces with his antiquing process. We would highly recommend Nutmegger Workshop to anyone who desires a unique wooden art piece that they will enjoy for years and years.

— Paul and Mary Cloud, Forest Grove, Ore.


“I wanted to surprise my husband with a unique piece of art that captured his love of wine.  Even though it was during the busy holiday season, Pete accommodated my timeframe and finished the piece in time to perfectly coincide with the completion of our new home. The finished piece is so much grander than I anticipated and is certainly the “WOW!” I was hoping for. Pete is an absolute craftsman!"

— Becky Julien, Lake Oswego, Ore.